Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For the first time in my life, I feel that I have a president. His speech moved me. His humility and grace, his sense of purpose, his refusal to bask in the glory of his triumph and instead point to the tasks ahead, well, Yes We Can.

McCain's concession flashed a return of a candidate I once admired even when I disagreed with him in 2000.

It's good to see the results closing very late in Georgia, even though it won't be enough.

We cannot rest. We cannot rest.

(But I can't resist celebrating with a good Barolo for Barack.)


liz said...

Well put, Dad. Enjoy the Barolo...

George said...

Always a highlight of Obama oratory to me is that he says we have to do something. Better than Bush telling us to go shopping after 9/11, definitely.

There's more hope in work than wishing. (And we get to say wishing with its final "g" since we can send Palin back to Alaska, a place so fucked up it sends a felon back to the Senate.)

Marty said...

Amen, George.

Queen Whackamole said...

Wow. Still stuck on Wow. Feel like I've been smacked on the head with a de-cynic-ater.

John Guzlowski said...

You said it well.

We cannot rest.