Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Beautiful Chanterelle: Art Deux

Photo by sensesworking

The good news: this was delicious tossed with pasta, butter, and garlic. I found this perfect chanterelle within walking distance of my house, across the street from a park where I'd found lesser examples of this fungus. It was just after a light rain and it fairly glowed, orange-peel bright and smelling typically fruity.

The bad news: I returned three days later to see how the smaller eruptions were doing, only to find that a construction company had untreed part of the property and laid it upon the holy ground, perhaps removing the rhizomal foundation the mushrooms need to survive.

Note: reports on mushrooms that I found and/or cooked represent my personal experiences, and in no way should be taken as recommendations for readers. This is not a guidebook. Eat wild mushrooms at your peril.


Queen Whackamole said...

For some mysterious reason, I thought of you as I read this post on The Sneeze:

Marty said...

This whole site kwhacka me up Queen! Thank you. I laughed my ass off all afternoon.