Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mushroom Marathon

The rains continue, which means fungi will be sprouting for the next month. I've already dried some porcini and last night I put some on a pizza. The nuttiness complements the cheese nicely, and makes a fine, firm meat substitute (though I had mine with some uncured pepperoni). I put a small bicolor bolete (red cap, yellow tubes) on my lunch burrito. You could almost live here on what people kick over and stomp.


Anonymous said...

Chantrelles have always been my absolute fav!

Massage Chair

Queen Whackamole said...

Is there anything they don't kick over and stomp in your neck of the woods? ;-)

(Just jealous... we don't get rain around these here parts)

Anonymous said...

He said "fine, firm meat substitute" hehe.

Marty said...

In our neck of the woods? The don't kick over and stomp Bush 04 reelection signs. That'd be about it. But, yes, at least it rains. It's raining now.

Thanks for checking in, Beavis.