Thursday, March 29, 2007

List Memoir: very early memories

night, crib, looking up--dim, still shapes (no words in my head then so make your eyes blur all this)

running gleefully down the plastic-shrouded hall in footy pajamas toward mom I'm so proud of you*

hands cupping the extruded rear tail light of a '58 buick making a tunnel to my face it's cold it's cold and so red

in the arms of an uncle I watch the face of an old clock, christmas tree lights haloing through the angel hair#

first snow, Fresno, 1962, so new I squeak and my feet sink through to the green grass--mom' and dad's push in white

*My mother much later confirmed this memory, shrouds because she was painting, proud because I hadn't wet the bed that night.
# Clock from 1918 Sears and Roebucks catalog.

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Queen Whackamole said...

Wasn't this all an episode of The Simpsons?